Northern California

Dr. Steven E. Wallis (Director of Meta Analysis) has a decade of experience as an organization development consultant, providing collaborative facilitation to businesses and non-profits in Northern California. Building on that practical experience, and a systems perspective, he returned to school and earned his PhD in 2006 at Fielding Graduate University. Today, he leads the ASK MATT service section at Meaningful Evidence. His ground-breaking work is focused on the rigorous analysis and objective improvement of theories, policies, strategic knowledge maps, and strategic plans. With his new insights, his goal is to double the effectiveness of policies and strategic plans so that clients can achieve higher goals at a lower cost.

Dr. Wallis also works at Capella University – mentoring doctoral candidates. Additionally, as director for the Foundation for the Advancement of Social Theory (FAST), he supports emerging scholars working to identify rigorous paths for improving theory, policy, and strategic knowledge. An interdisciplinary thinker, his publications cover a range of fields including ethics, science, management, organizational change, and policy. His book, Avoiding Policy Failure, shows how a systems view of policy models can be used to estimate the effectiveness of policies before implementation, as well as to improve policies for reducing cost and improving results.

Recently, Dr. Wallis serves as a Fulbright Specialist consulting on theory, policy, and strategy projects to improve the capacity of academic institutions outside the United States.

ASK MATT Solution

Based on one great idea and a decade of research by award winning scholars, ASK MATT provides a fresh, fun, and collaborative approach to challenge of creating useful strategic plans and consistent follow through.

Gathered around a table, each person adds their understanding to a map. The scoring system ensures that the shared understanding is greater than the sum of its parts. The map provides a guide for more effective problem solving and decision making with tradeoffs, options, and important leverage points to help your organization get the most results for the least effort.

Strategic Planning 3.0 Whitepaper

Every leader has a sense of purpose — an inner drive to support the success of the mission — whether it is a non-profit, community collaboration, or private firm. A good leader also has a sense of adventure, balanced by sound judgment. To be successful, a leader needs a good “map.” A map is a critical tool to help a business leader find out:

  • Where she is (the business environment)
  • Where she is trying to go (goals and objectives)
  • How best to get there (what action is required)
  • How to avoid dangerous terrain (what market activities might be predicted) 

Without a good map, the firm may be led into a quagmire — or worse...  

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