Kent Frese ASK MATT

Mid-Atlantic U.S.

Kent is a creative problem solver providing organization development consulting, including business planning, succession, leadership development and recruiting. Our focus is to bring fresh ideas and best practices to solve problems and improve performance.  He specializes in the design of organizational continuity programs, leadership development, and succession strategies for executives and business owners. As a lifelong learner, Kent is an adjunct faculty member at Capella University. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering from Villanova University with MS and PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Capella University.  Learn more about Kent at his Website.

ASK MATT Solution

Based on one great idea and a decade of research by award winning scholars, ASK MATT provides a fresh, fun, and collaborative approach to challenge of creating useful strategic plans and consistent follow through.

Gathered around a table, each person adds their understanding to a map. The scoring system ensures that the shared understanding is greater than the sum of its parts. The map provides a guide for more effective problem solving and decision making with tradeoffs, options, and important leverage points to help your organization get the most results for the least effort.

Strategic Planning 3.0 Whitepaper

Every leader has a sense of purpose — an inner drive to support the success of the mission — whether it is a non-profit, community collaboration, or private firm. A good leader also has a sense of adventure, balanced by sound judgment. To be successful, a leader needs a good “map.” A map is a critical tool to help a business leader find out:

  • Where she is (the business environment)
  • Where she is trying to go (goals and objectives)
  • How best to get there (what action is required)
  • How to avoid dangerous terrain (what market activities might be predicted) 

Without a good map, the firm may be led into a quagmire — or worse...  

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