Playing ASK MATT GameCOACHING for Individuals and Teams

The ASK MATT game is a powerful executive and personal coaching tool! When experienced coaches use the game, it can be an elegant means for revealing a client’s deeply held values and belief systems. How are these values and beliefs interacting with each other? Where are the highest-leverage places for coaching to be most effective? What does the “client map” quickly show that traditional coaching takes forever to reveal? ASK MATT works with any complex system – whether at the organization or individual level – to show th  real opportunities for lasting change and impact.


organizations. ASK MATT proves useful as a beginning to a strategic planning process to help quickly bring to the surface the major areas of focus for the work ahead. It’s a powerful tool for making the whole system visual and accessible in a way that shows causality and is measurable. The game is also a great way to take a “deep dive” into just one area of operations and to involve disparate stakeholders who might normally not be communicating with one another.

ENTREPRENEURS – From Idea to Action

Building a strong and successful organization or business requires careful research, analysis, and planning in advance. A new idea or need, technology advancement or invention would usually lead to motivation for new businesses or justification for changes in an existing organization. Playing the ASK MATT game allows stakeholders to quickly create a Map of their working world. The world that is, and the world they want to build. With that Map, the entrepreneurial adventurer can easily:

  • Define the Vision (the dream)

  • Define the Mission (the what and why)

  • Define the Goal (the what)

  • Define the Objective (how much and when)

  • Create a Strategy (the how)

  • Develop an Action Plan (What, Who, When)


Understanding stakeholders’ perspectives about the program you’re evaluating is critical to getting relevant and realistic results. This may involve key informant interviews, group discussion, and development of a logic model. However, these methods often result in over-simplified models that are not very useful. Impress funders by adding a more collaborative, rigorous approach to the usual methods with the ASK MATT Game. You and your team will create a Map of your program to show

  • Your shared understanding of how your program functions

  • Areas of uncertainty (“Fog”) that your research could explore

  • Measures of success

COALITIONS – Building the Connections

In today’s increasingly interconnected world, it may seem strange that organizations don’t work together more effectively to reach related goals. Playing the ASK MATT game, stakeholders from different organizations (or, from different divisions of a siloed organization) can easily create a Map showing:

  • Opportunities for synergy

  • Overlapping or redundant services

  • Who to contact for support

  • How to manage complex working arrangements

GOVERNMENT AGENCIES – Been There and Done That?

We’ve talked with many managers who are simply fed up. Every year there is some new fad calling for them to change the way business is done. Despite the hype, that radical change usually yields few results. From the 75% failure rate of “Total Quality Management” to whatever the “flavor of the month” is today, the effort does not seem to be worth the results. In contrast, playing the ASK MATT game is focused on creating a map of the way things work. And, in understanding that map, a manager can easily identify small changes to optimize the organization.


Studies show that students learn and retain knowledge better when their work is collaborative and when their understanding of the material is more systemic. That kind of systemic understanding is immediately evident when they create a Map showing how the course concepts are interconnected. Using ASK MATT in the college classroom provides a fun way for students to surface and integrate their understanding of the course material.