Denver, CO region

Based in Littleton, CO, Shah has also worked or has business partners in Brazil, Canada, Japan and Australia

Shah Pezeshk ASKMATT

Shah’s approach in facilitating the development of strategic plans and action plans involves the use of the ASK MATT game within a holistic goal setting quadrant, applying a set of principles that will increase the success of the outcome. In this quadrant the technical, emotional, ethical consequences as well as  the material or financial means of achieving the goals are considered.  Furthermore this approach focuses on principles such as  proper project management, balanced distribution of workload, adequate evaluation and measurement techniques, constant training, communication, contingency and continuity management. In order to demonstrate the adaptability of the game, the ASK MATT founders and Shah have even customized the ASK MATT game for some users who prefer a more cooperative setting by a consultative process of universal participation. These innovative features of the game have ensured the stakeholders’ satisfaction resulting in the successful execution of the plans.