game on wall 258x300ASK MATT is a growing phenomenon – helping a wide variety of people like you to better understand our complex world. Here are a few stories. We hope to add your success story soon!


A small for-profit firm in California, dedicated to helping seniors identify and fund worthy charities, wanted to clarify their business model. The founder was preparing to transition to retirement and wanted to be sure that the transition would be smooth and the business would continue to be successful.

“I gained some new insights while playing the game – that is like gold for me”

STARTUP – Or Not to Start?

For every successful startup, there are dozens, perhaps hundreds, that fail. And, if the business does not have a good chance of success, it might be better to go with “Plan B.” An individual in California was interested in starting a personal care service. After playing the ASK MATT game, she realized that there were too many pieces of the puzzle missing. Plan B was to find alternative employment – while getting the education needed to fill in the missing pieces.


A variety of consultants have played the ASK MATT game in California. These range from experts in strategic planning to coaches supporting smaller non-profits. These games have been focused on a variety of topics including “Understanding our operating environment” and “Using technology to leverage success.”

“Excellent. Excellent.”

“People go to a lot of meetings. This could make meetings worthwhile.”


Leaders from a variety of organizations (traditional energy, clean energy, government, community, NGOs) met to play the ASK MATT game in Oregon. In a linked-series of games, they created a combined Map containing their shared understanding of a complex energy operating environment.

“A rewarding experience with collective systems thinking.”

“I enjoyed the processes.”


The board of a community non-profit in California wanted to understand how they could better serve their community. Playing ASK MATT for a single afternoon, board members began to see how they could better sustain their own organization and their community in a synergistic relationship. A surprise learning here was that new board members rapidly gained a better understanding of how the non-profit worked and how it is connected with the community.

“The game pulls everyone at the meeting and encourages participation.”

“Good for getting consensus and a plan.”


A small branch of a faith-based organization in Colorado wants to educate their local community on the religious persecution in the Middle East. Because they have very limited resources, they want to make sure their efforts are carefully focused. Playing ASK MATT, they developed a deep understanding of their local community and used that Map to develop a plan of action. The map helped their members to develop a shared understanding so they could more easily coordinate their activities and develop innovative approaches to educating their community using art-based techniques and social media.

“I doubt we would have thought of that had we not had the game at first.”

“The meeting went very well!”


An international research center in Germany wants to create policies to support the development of sustainable agriculture and commerce in transition economies. Knowing that policy is prone to failure, analysts used ASK MATT to build better policy maps. Maps of increasing complexity where the ideas are more carefully interconnected will give government agencies and INGOs a better guide to supporting communities and economies including multiple options for enacting policy and achieving results.

“Stimulating.” “Fun.”